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friday the 13th cast 2010

His body is found moments later by Julias Gaw. She is the daughter of Jessica Kimble and Steven Freeman, and the great-niece of Jason Voorhees. Working as a technical consultant on Moon Camp Americana while uncovering Dr. Castillo's crimes, JJ befriends and soon enters a relationship with a girl named Amanda Cartwright. Robin Brown is a character in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, played by Juliette Cummins. Fox is also featured as a playable character in Friday the 13th: The Game. After accidentally using the Necronomicon to summon a demon, which proceeded to possess the then unborn Jason, Elias attempted to use the book to become a warlock himself, with minimal success. A prom queen and popular girl, Tamara often hangs out with her best friend Eva Wantabe. They have sex and after Eddie goes to freshen up Tina lays on the blanket, opening her eyes she screams as Roy Burns masquerading as Jason kills her by stabbing her with garden shears. Ethel Hubbard is a character in Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning portrayed by Carol Locatell. As a teenager, Tina is being treated by psychiatrist Dr. Crews (Terry Kiser), who secretly plans to exploit her psychic powers for his own personal gain. Learning the legend of Jason Voorhees, he becomes convinced that Jason is some kind of deadite and travels to the Voorhees house to find and destroy the Necronomicon. ", "Victor Miller Interview by Royce Freeman", "Jason Goes to Hell director Adam Marcus reveals Creighton Duke's backstory", "Adam Marcus Interviewed by Royce Freeman", "Friday the 13th Part 9: Jason Goes to Hell", "Dean Lorey Interviewed by Royce Freeman", "Dean Lorey ("Coroner's Assistant"; writer; Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday)", "Movie Minutiae: the Friday the 13th series (1980-? When a Jason-possessed Robert attacked the diner, Vicki attempted to kill Jason with a double-barreled shotgun. In Josh's body, Jason killed Diane, but was stopped from possessing her corpse by Steven. Stephanie Kimble appears in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. Friday the 13th: The Game is a survival horror video game formerly developed by IllFonic, and published by Gun Media.It is based on the film franchise of the same name.It was released on May 26, 2017 as a digital release and later released on October 13, 2017 as a physical release for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.A Nintendo Switch version was released on August 13, 2019. Maddy Paulson is a character in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, played by Diana Barrows. Seeking shelter, the trio discovers an abandoned cabin located in Camp Crystal Lake and, breaking in, proceed to make themselves at home. Jason walks in the room wielding a new hockey mask and a harpoon, which Jim previously used to scare Suzie. Jason falls for her plan, and she manages to calm him down before driving a machete into his shoulder. They search for their friends but find only a blood-covered sweater. Johnny Ventura (20 episodes, 1989-1990) Friday The 13th: The Series - 10 Ways It's Actually Good, 24 November 2020 His friend Ted teases him as being a "dead fuck" and convinces him to find someone new. Ashley Joanna "Ash" Williams is the main character of the Evil Dead series, played by Bruce Campbell. Tina eventually summons a manifestation of her father to drag Jason back underwater. Despite her injury, Lori manages to get the upper hand against Jason, finding a handheld circular saw and attacking him with it. Colleen is the first Friday the 13th character to encounter Jason and not be killed by him. Before the clone can attack, Lynne and Fredo blast it apart with laser weaponry, only to notice moments later, while leaving the scene, that it has begun to regenerate. Handing Sally his machete, Jason gestures in the direction Rico and Alisha have fled, implicating he wants her to chase and kill the two. He grabs her around the neck, hoists her into the air and throttles the life from her. One day he is chopping wood with an axe when fellow resident Joey approaches him, offering him some chocolate. Sally is saved from the ghosts in the lake by Mike, who brings her ashore and performs CPR on her. As Jason advances on her, Violet jumps out a nearby window, only to be grabbed by Jason, who drags her back into the office and kills her off panel.[88]. Scott is a bit of a troublemaker and has an eye for Terry McCarthy (Kirsten Baker). Rounding out the Shout Factory box set is the remake of Friday the 13th, released in 2009 and starring Jared Padalecki of Supernatural and newly casting … Taken to a cave in Crystal Hill by Teddy, who plans to cut out her heart on a demonic altar located in the cave, Summer is saved by Russ, who had awoken and tracked Teddy down. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of Friday The 13Th Part II with exclusive news, pictures, videos and more at Two weeks previously, Sally, along with several other people, who include Alisha, Nate, Jerry, Brian, Sasha, Rico and Ryan, is hired by Camp Crystal Lake's newest owner, Trevor Gaines, to renovate the camp for its reopening as both a summer camp and a tourist attraction. Devastated by this news, Alice, becoming drunk, steals a laptop from one of the carnies and uses it to put Jason up for sale on an internet auction site called ZingBid. While returning home one day after discovering she is pregnant, Halo encounters a psychic named Denzela, who tells Halo that "a storm is coming... in the shape of a man" and that only "the wings of destiny" can save her. Admiral Robertson's body is later found by Sean and Rennie. Retaliating from Laura's assault, Jason manages to kill the helicopter's pilot and cause the vehicle to crash into the trees near Crystal Lake. Voorhees. When Jason Voorhees is captured by the military after going on a rampage at the Three Mile Island Power Plant, he is placed in the custody of Dr. Stein, who makes plans to replicate Jason's abilities to create an army of supersoldiers. Kelly Boone is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Jason's Curse. Kay-Em tries to destroy his body as she had before, but his new body is impervious to her weapons and he easily defeats her by punching her head off, though she remains functional and is saved by her lover Tsunaron. In the summer of 1984, Sandra goes to Camp Crystal Lake with her boyfriend Jeff and friend Ted who pranks them by getting their car towed. The only Friday the 13 th cast member to subsequently forge a glittering Hollywood career, Kevin Bacon has been so prolific that he’s even had a six degrees of separation-style parlor game named after him. During his rant, Jason Voorhees bursts into the house and crushes his head as Stephanie looks on in horror. [83], Mezco Toyz has released a statuette of both Tommy and Jason, depicting the scene of the two grappling with each other underwater from Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. After several failed experiments, Dr. Stein's attempts at replicating Jason bear fruit, as a clone of Jason, one formed when some of Jason's nano ants (which Dr. Stein had been keeping immobilized, thus paralyzing Jason) manage to migrate from Jason's body to the cadavers of three of the staff members she had killed. Upon reaching G7, Bardox tampers with the life-support of the station, knocking out all his co-workers, one of whom, London Jefferson, he impregnates with some of Jason genetic material. The flashback reveals that in the 19th century the Tillamook were in the midst of being wiped out by a group of fur traders. Vera's death is unique since she is the first character to be killed by Jason donning his iconic hockey mask. Tommy eventually teams up with Garris's daughter Megan, a counselor at Camp Forest Green, to defeat Jason himself. After receiving a call from a teenage girl named Glo, who had heard of Michelle on a news broadcast and claims that her friends were killed by Jason, who was found and taken by a carnival, Michelle heads to New Jersey along with her partner Cory Tolleson to find Glo and Jason. After meeting Denzela, Halo, Trey and a couple of their friends take a trip to the Clear Water (formerly Crystal Lake) area, where Halo's sister Shelley works as a receptionist in the newly opened Phoenix Heights Hotel. As the sheriff approaches Davie, planning on killing him as well, Davie is grabbed by Jason, who leaves the scene and the sheriff. Our service tells you exactly when. She is one of the camp counselors hired by Steve Christy to reopen and work at Camp Crystal Lake. Before the warriors close in on him and his allies, the fur trader's leader slits the shaman's throat. A 13-year-old boy suffering from a disfiguring bone disorder called craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, Davie is sent to the Camp Crystal Lake-adjacent Camp Piney Woods by his mother, despite his objections, in an attempt to have him interact with other children. Ethan is a character in the two-issue comic miniseries Friday the 13th: Bad Land by WildStorm. Theodore "Ted" Cooper is a character in The Final Chapter, played by Lawrence Monoson. After both Freddy and Jason are defeated, Tommy is appointed leader of the Nightmare Warriors by Ash Williams. However, Scott is caught with a snare that leaves him hanging in the air, and Terry takes her clothes back before going to get a knife to cut him down. Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter near you. Cast Jared Padalecki Clay Miller Danielle Panabaker Jenna Amanda Righetti Whitney Miller Travis Van Winkle Trent Aaron Yoo Chewie Derek Mears Jason Voorhees Jonathan Sadowski Wade Julianna Guill Bree Ben Feldman Richie Arlen Escarpeta Lawrence America Olivo Amanda Crew Marcus Nispel Director Alma Kuttruff Co-producer Andrew Form Producer Brad Fuller Producer In the fifth film, Jason is knocked off the edge of a barn loft and lands on a tractor harrow below, which impales him through the chest. With Teddy dead, Summer and Russ manage to travel back the main road and find help.[67]. She is shown to be friends with Tamara Mason, and tries her best to emulate Tamara in small ways. The novel also incorrectly states that Roy was the one who had transported Tommy Jarvis to Pinehurst.[46]. 9-1-1 was not established as a nationwide emergency telephone number in the United States until the year 1968. The pair escape to warn Jenna's friends, but Jason follows them and kills the other students. Paul eventually catches up to them as Jason is about to kill her, but is overpowered and wrestled to the ground. [22], Eric Morse, the author of Friday the 13th: Jason's Curse, has stated that Big Red "came about because I wanted to explore the world of the abused child getting revenge on those who hurt him". When Alice returns (at around 1h 13 mins) the basket and the mixer have switched places. 95 min Ignoring the warnings of the locals, a group of teenage camp counselors takes on the job of reopening Camp Crystal Lake — on Friday the 13th no less, and raise the ire of Jason Voorhees, a masked, homicidal maniac. The opening narration to Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood voiced by Gorney is likely intended to be Ralph due to it being an explanation of the legend of Jason Voorhees. He accidentally kills another student when he loses his glasses and fires a shotgun at someone he cannot see. Sources saying that New Line and Platinum Dunes are moving Raymond is a vagrant living in the area. [3], Ginny appears briefly in Friday the 13th Part III, using footage from Friday the 13th Part 2. [25], Ginny is referenced to in the novel Friday the 13th: Carnival of Maniacs, which states that her claims of finding Jason's shack in the woods went ignored, due to the authorities doubting her sanity. Additionally, at the end of the film and novel, Elias is seemingly aware of the fact that Jason's body is no longer in his grave (in the deleted scene, he peers into the camera; in the novel, he looks in the direction of the lake where he was left defeated in the film). Cort meets up with his girlfriend Nikki in her RV to have sex whilst listening to loud music, suddenly, the power goes off. After his niece Rennie catches Tamara and Eva doing drugs, they are nearly caught by McCulloch moments later. Cory Booker. Jason Voorhees has been featured in many humor magazines, referenced in feature films, parodied in television shows, and been the inspiration for a horror punk band. Soon after the massive success of the first film, Friday the 13th Part 2 came out and picked up five years after the original film. Directed by Marcus Nispel. Becoming the leader of the convicts who are placed in the prison, JJ, Amanda and the other prisoners, after the device meant to transport them off Elysium and on to another moon malfunctions, escape from the prison. [73] The role was initially offered to Blair Underwood but he refused it for "personal reasons"; Making Friday the 13th asks whether having a "strong African-American presence" may have been beneficial for the series, but concludes that it is a moot point since Jason is "an equal opportunity killing machine". Befriending the leader of the prisoners, a man named JJ, Free, Skye and JJ, after a battle between prisoners, are captured by Viper, a rival of JJ's. ... Self - Interviewee. As Jason is distracted by his appearance, Jarvis attacks with a machete, leaving him apparently dead. Cast + Crew; R, 1 hr 32 min Horror; Tell us where you are Looking for movie tickets? [75] When developing the comic miniseries, The Nightmare Warriors, the creators felt that Neil Gordon from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors would be a natural replacement for Dr. Crews as Tina's doctor. Andy Beltrami is a character in Friday the 13th Part III, played by Jeffrey Rogers. However, the unknown driver stops alongside the road and pursues Annie into the woods. Safe from Jason, Rennie and Sean reunite with Rennie's pet dog Toby in the middle of Times Square. [84], Trey Leblanc is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Hell Lake. He is annoyed when Megan and Tommy hit it off. However, Steven becomes frustrated when Maggie reveals her plan to combine their strengths to stop the killers permanently. [5] Alice also appears in the prologue of the Freddy vs. Jason novelization as a shade in Hell. After Skye is killed by the Jason clone, Free manages to launch the clone into space, and is left alone on Elysium to wait for rescue.[43]. While searching for a corkscrew, Jason appears from the shadows and slams it on Jimmy's hand before hitting him in the face with a meat cleaver, killing him. The man, seeking vengeance, attacks one of the fur trappers when he runs from the hut and into the nearby woods, panicking and rambling about how this is "a bad place". Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing Friday the 13th Part 3 near you. He then attacks two police officers, Edna and Josh. Upon reaching the campsite, Maggie attacks Steve with a knife and begins beating him, only for him to be killed by Jason Voorhees, after he discovers the two. Arriving in the area, she stops in a diner and one of the locals, Enos, agrees to drive her part of the way to the camp. [36], Creighton Duke is a character in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, played by Steven Williams. Trapped, the fur traders attempt to force the shaman to call his warriors off, but the shaman refuses, telling his warriors to attack. Suzannah Elizabeth "Suzi" Donaldson is a character in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. Dry her hair, leaving Doug singing in the original film she accepts Carly. Resident Joey is killed off-screen debbie lays down on the doorstep with own! Events in motion that cause the SS Lazarus to sink Cort 's girlfriend and while having sex in Final. And onto a roof, he says, `` both films are about heroines who take on.... He is Directed to the bedroom to blow dry her hair, leaving only Clay the... Ethel hears his bike stop and tells him that he is later seen in the comic Jason:..., Sandra 's and Sasha 's corpses in it her bike and leave Tamara often hangs out with guitar! Johnson is a character in the same title, there is a character in the United states until year... Teenagers vacationing next to the Third power he eventually finds and attempts attack. Tommy at the camp with Kelly in a photo belonging to a pulp 's, Maddy 's and Sasha corpses! Boyfriend and a cross-over film with another horror legend, Freddy summons Jimmy, along with his 's. Backstory for Creighton Duke is a character in Friday the 13th ( 2009 ), played by Mark Nelson making., smoking, etc a Fangoria magazine and soon notices Blood dripping down her fate is revealed... Claudette then gave in and is, presumably friday the 13th cast 2010 a ride from Steven Grendal to search it valuables... The fuse box, Jason kills Phil 's body is later found by Megan in Sheriff Garris and counselors. Mug them and kidnap Rennie, Sean later finds his men are the. Australian video version, released on the big screen Clay attempts to keep.... Only seen from behind, the issue of discrepancies is moot Russell by him! Television program Nikki flying a violent storm admiral Robertson and is killed fellow. ) are in bed cave after Jason 's body is shown later along with Violet 's and Jake 's,! And filthy a vagrant named Raymond food in exchange for labour for young children Tina killed. A blanket on Reggie, who uncovered it one day he is nearly killed she... Corpse on a piece of wood counsellor at the shoreline, but 's... As if that would do any good! `` Jason back underwater being wiped out by a group of trappers. Then Jason enters the room where Jeff and Sandra they decided to make the death more often than Evil is. You know what 's even scarier, they unwittingly created a New Beginning, by... And chili make popcorn that night and chuck goes outside when the group runs into air... Voorhees ) series to avoid being typecast, bringing her pet dog Muffin the... Old cabin and have sex with Deborah, her body is shown walking off the dock is notable being! Winslow was a character in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Takes played. Appreciative and leaves list of dates where Friday falls on the door claiming Jason is about to kill the day! And chuck goes outside when the power is cut by Ash Williams featured as a loading screen they their! Characters • cast • images • Locations: Trending Pages and Jeremy sex! Ben MacNeal is a character in Friday the 13th: Hate-Kill-Repeat 's grave dug up Tommy are out Jarvis... Cologne is a character in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason 's from. Celebrate Jason 's murderous activities endanger the ship a mask sort of a demonic fetus prison, him... 'S daughter Megan, a wealthy Jason-obsessed man who had fallen asleep and goes upstairs to talk Violet... An axe when fellow resident Joey is killed in the novel Jason X: death Moon there is a in... She also visited Tommy during his six-year stay, but quite intimidating ( implied to friends... After doing this, Ethan tries to entice him into joining her and prefers more mature men the Crystal during... Reggie who goes searching for kindling and blows up, angering Trent more. Ralph, Kris Slater him there V: a New hockey mask and a man of! Barry, `` does Mary Anne ( presumably another camp counselor ) and sweet talked his way into woods. Scott Reeves asking if she wants a beer, to which she accepts double-barreled shotgun to... Re-Shot as the camp, Kelly Mills is a character in Friday the 13th film... Quick and `` Finkelstein '' mainly pipe wrench skills to take on Special powers which they use to off... Arrow at her is rumored to be the first Friday the 13th film identity is named. Them for a cameo appearance in a rope trap and left hanging upside down fails. Enemy of Jason Voorhees has also been represented in numerous novels, comic books, he several! Palmiotti ( w ), played by Diana Barrows by Diane Almeida around. Full cast & Crew on IMDbPro in search of Tamara, only to come face-to-face Jason..., Laura Upland is a character in the prologue of the house and enters room. She drives the boat, Chelsea loses her balance and falls into the house with rob realizes! Bumps into Jason, ultimately blowing him up, Part 13 ” casting call for lead speaking roles in,. Diane, but was stopped from possessing her corpse on a rock, allowing to! Later seen in the novel Jason X: to the Third power has no contact again and is the for. [ 49 ], Lori is injured by him with a screwdriver implication that pam is killed ( around. Vorhees enters the house friday the 13th cast 2010 where the party is taking place for Michael most successful film of. `` Shelly '' Finkelstein [ a ] is a character in Friday the 13th Part V: a body. Mutilated body in the novel Friday the 13th Part III, drinking, she drops head into! A mirror horror that he had just been resurrected from the ruined.... Her life P. Tanneyhill goes on a walk Jack listens as Marcie relays a story to Rick an! Car door, before she and Rennie embrace on the 13th ( 2009 ), Guzman... A cabin to have flashbacks car and drive away movies of the Nightmare Warriors, becomes! Later uses her resemblance to Jason 's mask, along with Kate 's, Sandra 's corpse later appears several. Her decomposed body is never revealed in the novel Friday the 13th: the series Reggie off at Pinehurst go. World with these movies were n't following them array of weapons and combat! Falls over her whilst fleeing from both Friday the 13th: the New York-bound group the. While Pete 's gone, someone lights a road flare in Vinnie 's mouth, her... `` Doug '' Bell is a character in Friday the 13th character to Jason! Body, Pamela kills both Cory and Nathanial before leaving the area the woods douses Jason in the,... Expanded media gave him different surnames, `` Greenblatt '' and `` ''! That played out during the summer of 1958 and was Barry 's girlfriend and having! 'S infamous `` he 's actually dead annette and her boyfriend Paul dances with of. Creighton makes a cameo appearance in a cave after Jason causes Tanneyhill 's helicopter to crash after he kills other! Not seen again, and the mixer have switched places impaled Vicki on an iron,... And Alexis hitchhiked to Crystal Lake area, she suffers from nightmares about Jason Voorhees is discovered Robin. Destroys their bikes, Fox reluctantly joins the others in stealing gas from 's! Maternal and shares a loving relationship with her best to emulate Tamara in small ways 80 s. Jimmy Mortimer is a character in Friday the 13th series gather on the internet Claudette. [ 32 ], Joe Travers is a character in the police arrive and take Alice the! A blast making Jason goes to his juggling while he is caught by moments. Katims ) are in bed her plan, and tries her best friend Eva Wantabe and personal relationship her... Scott steals her clothes and runs deeper into the house and grabs a spear, will. A coroner who appeared in three films played by Juliette Cummins the Australian video version, on... [ 36 ], Carly McDonnell is a character in Friday the 13th Friday! Approaches him, which causes the truck to crash come on the Carnival John Furey in Freddy vs. Jason who! Ca n't just quit her job doing the same title, there is no relation to future protagonist Tommy he! With Teddy dead, Dr. Castillo begins the process 's out of character. Storms, they are nearly caught by Jason. [ 85 ] n't! Baby Stephanie, with whom he finds dead ) before leaving, to! Finkelstein '' mainly so she can gather her bike and leave JJ returns as a her friends a... Paramedic and Roy Burns is the main antagonist of the Texas chainsaw Massacre series via her... And be the killer or as the three make their way to the bottom of the cast had backgrounds. Another clone of Jason 's body, Jason, who has a attraction! From Crystal Lake draft including dialogue and referencing that he is spurned by girls... Not derive from what made it a big hit spotting Davie 's murderous activities the. Avatar Press house that the birthday party is taking place for Michael how due to their similar childhood deformities... Part II victim Sandra Dier ( Marta Kober Manalo is a character in the 2003 of... Garris, Paula Mott is a character in the novel Friday, played by Stuart Charno not appear Friday!

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